Awesome Mobile Game App UI Designer Wanted

Awesome Mobile Game App UI Designer Wanted


Job Description

I'm looking for an accomplished artist who is capable of creating 2D graphics and animations for an iPhone/iPad game. I need someone who is capable of doing a "re-skin" of a current game.

The game involves vehicles moving over sand dunes.

The job will entail:

1. Understanding current dimensions of the game for both iPhone/Retina and iPad
2. Creating 2D animations and 2D graphics
3. UI graphics and game backgrounds

Mandatory Requirements

I'm looking for a contractor that has the following skills:

1. Strong graphic design background
2. Understanding of gaming and game graphics integration
3. Ability to create sharp outstanding graphics
4. You have at least an average of 4.0 our of 5 rating and above
5. You have an eye popping profile/portfolio (If you don't have a portfolio please do not apply)
6. You work FAST & your turnaround time is exceptional.
7. You are not an agency or represent an agency!
8. You have an exceptional command of English
9. You must be able to create milestones and deliver each one.

Desirable Requirements
1. Experience with using Texture Packer.
2. Previous experience with vehicle artwork and separate wheel animations.
3. Previous experience designing desert/sand dune landscapes.
4. Previous experience with game reskins.

How to apply and secure an interview

Please respond with a cover letter that includes the following:

1. Your background in graphic design, and how much time you’ve spent in gaming
2. Your interest in gaming and how much time you currently spend playing games
3. Send me your portfolio of your previous work (focus on gaming if possible)
4. A rough guideline as to how you will deliver (milestones etc)