Awesome VA


Job Description

Beginning hourly rate: $1-$3 (if you're what I'm looking for this will increase within 60 days)
NO Agencies! I want to work with one person only.

I am looking for a VA with the following skills:
- Internet Research
- Data Entry Skills
- Blog writing skills
- Basic Word/Excel skills
- Basic WordPress Skills
- Basic Graphics Design skills (making letterhead/business cards)
- Basic Social Media Management Skills
Candidates with these skills in addition will be given preference:
- PowerPoint Skills
- Creative Writing Skills
- Advanced Word/Excel skills
- Advanced WordPress Skills
- Backlinks, SEO and SMM
- Website Design
- Graphics Design

The desired candidate will:
- work quickly
- track time honestly
- produce quality work that does not have to be redone
- speak fluent English
- work independently
- Ideally in a different time zone - preferably opposite than mine.

I am looking for someone who can honestly do the work that I am asking them to do and use the oDesk diary honestly. What does this mean? This means that the task I give you should be completed with the work tracker turned on and your activity level should be at least 80% during the timeframe. I am not interested in candidates who know how to make the work diary run even though they are not actually working. Your delivery of the finished product should match up to the time that you stopped working on time tracker. This is a requirement for this position.

Selected candidates will be paid for a 2 hour trial. The 2 hour trial will allow me to see your quality, how quickly you work and that you are using the work diary appropriately.

This position is long term. The hours will start off around 5 per week and grow to around 15 per week within 1 month and 30 hours in 2 months and be a full time position in 3 months. Your starting bid will be reevaluated at 60 days, if you are producing good work - I will raise your rate. You will be reevaluated for your rate every 90 days after that. If you are taking on more responsibility and putting out good quality work, I will continue to raise your rate. I will to pay for a quality VA, but I need to see that you are quality first.

When you submit your proposal, don't send me a recycled cover letter. I want to know that you read my posting and that you are the person I am looking for. Put the phrase I am the One at the top of your proposal. In your proposal, tell me what skills you have that you are able to do independently. Tell me what makes you a good VA. Tell me what you’re looking for in a long term working relationship. If you are bidding lower than your desired rate, what is your desired hourly rate? Are you willing to show quality work to get to that desired rate? Tell me about yourself. Tell me what your top 5 skills are. If you have no feedback as a virtual assistant, tell me why I should choose you. If you have low or negative feedback in your profile, please explain in your proposal.

Skills: virtual-assistant-skills