Awesome web design to redesign my site

Awesome web design to redesign my site


Job Description

Hey Guys

I want to redesign my website, and the goal is to educate my client about my service in a dynamic exciting kinds of way. We already have all the programming intact, and we already have all the videos that need to be placed on the site so we don't need any programming or video creation, all we need is someone super creative to create a brilliant template.

To bid on this project I need you to provide with me with one or 2 links of some awesome website you created. If you are still fresh and don't have a website in your portfolio that you are really proud of at least give me a link of what you would feel is awesome so at least we know we are on the same page.

P.S. I see a lot of people posting without a sample. I will give priority to the people who follow the intrsutcions

Skills: design, video