Axure UX/UI Expert for On-line Game

Axure UX/UI Expert for On-line Game


Job Description

We need an experienced UX/UI expert to play a pivotal role in defining requirements for our exciting, innovative and complex on-line Negotiation Game.

Ensure that you make clear in either your resume/CV or application your:
1. Level of Axure experience. If you're not a pro at Axure, then mention which prototyping and wireframe applications you've the most experience using. Providing examples will improve your chances.
2. Experience writing User Stories and / or Use Cases.
3. Experience working with teams (like ours) comprised of: Developers, Project Managers, QA, clients and users
4. Experience working on complex on-line applications in a similar UX/UI role
5. Your maximum time availability per avg week, and when you can start. We will require about 4-6 months with upwards of 20 hours per week.
6. Which time zone you're based in and which hours you're typically available in your local time zone.
7. If you have an account on odesk or other job sites, provide a link.
8. Whether you're happy working on a forecast basis, where we pay you based on your agreed to forecasts of each User Story rather than per hour.

Interview process: our first interview will be 25-45 minutes to assess your experience.
If you are successful in making it through to our second interview, we'll share an overview of our game (it's currently in development and can be played), and ask that you complete a 'test' so that we can both figure out if we're a great fit together.

As our developers are in the Ukraine, speaking Russian would be an advantage.

Finally, please start your application with "Please find my resume attached" and of course attach your resume/CV.

Skills: prototyping

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