Axure UX/UI Expert for On-line Simulation Game

Axure UX/UI Expert for On-line Simulation Game


Job Description

We are not considering candidates from India, Pakistan or Bangladesh, sorry.

We need an experienced Axure UX/UI expert to play a pivotal role in defining requirements in the form of our existing Axure Prototypes for our exciting, innovative and complex on-line Negotiation Simulation Game.

The successful UX expert will inherit the Axure prototypes and future change requirement notes from our previous UX Axure expert. You'll also be able to discuss directly with our previous UX expert and our Product Owner. Programming development has already started.

Ensure that you make clear in either your resume/CV or application your:
1. Level of Axure experience. Please apply only if you're a pro at Axure, providing prototype examples, which will greatly improve your chances.
2. Experience working on complex ONLINE applications (not windows based) in a similar UX/UI role.
3. Experience working with a client or product manager or owner.
4. Time: availability per avg week, we typically need between 5 to 10 hours per week. Please advise when you can start. We will require many months as our negotiation simulation game evolves.
5. Which time zone you're based in and which hours you're typically available in your local time zone.
6. If you have an account on elance or other job sites, provide a link.
7. Whether you're open to working on a forecast basis, where we pay you based on your agreed to forecast rather than per hour.
8. Experience writing User Stories and / or Use Cases (not mandatory).

After our first brief interview, we will be happy to show you our current prototypes.

We will have a number of audiences using our Negotiation Simulation, the first of which will be our B2B Corporate global clients. We're using the MVP process, so if you have experience in soliciting feedback from users and integrating lessons into improved designs, ensure these are mentioned.

Please start your application with "Please find my resume attached" and of course attach your resume/CV.

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