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Job Description

Wanted - a contractor who speaks both geek and normal language as I only speak normal language:)

What is described below is what I want built and I am hiring YOU (the best) to decide HOW to build it. So, please when you bid this tell me how you intend to build it.

The site is for business to business use. The site is to be secure. The front page is a log-in page/create an account but to create an account one must have been provided a login/password, essentially it's invitation only.

Once a user logs in it should take them to a disclosure page where they agree to terms and conditions.

The next page is where they upload a new sales lead by providing the pertinent details and this page should also have the ability for them to upload a pdf file.

The next page is simply a thank you page.

On the backend this information should flow into Sugar CRM. Sugar should be set up to allow a user to email out straight from the CRM without having to go to another program so that it retains copies of the emails in a clients profile.

When a new lead comes in we want to match that lead up with the best salesman in a territory. So, the system should be able to do two things. 1. Recognize what city the lead is for and match it up with the top 3 ranked salesmen in that city and auto-email out to those 3 people the lead. (More discussion on ranking in a minute). 2. The admin should be able to turn the above describe auto emails off and should be able to see the top ranked people in an area and then manually be able to email out. (This is used when newer sales areas are being developed)
Ranking - we use surveys to rank our sales people and we can manually update rankings as needed.

Dashboard for tracking results. There should be a way to track the progress of the leads. % of closed deals, % in process. # of leads per day. # of closed leads per week. All the details.

The dashboard results should be able to be broken down for each user who logs in on the front end. There should also be a way to create Groups of people and break the dashboard numbers down at a group level. Example: a manager should be able to see what his group of 10 employees numbers look like over any given period of time.

In the bid please specify how this will be built and using what. And all other pertinent details.

Please let me know what/if any questions you have.

Thanks a ton!

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