B2B Appointment Setting


Job Description

Project is simply, a fixed rate appointment setting. I will pay a fixed rate for each set appointment that is a quality lead. Rate per lead is negotiable.

Quality Lead - Someone actually looking at implementing some type of IT solution that we specialize in. This does not mean they will actually buy, however it cannot be someone who just says "They can meet with me". The customer must be looking for an actual solution.

Call Script

Get past gatekeeper
Hello, I was hoping you could help me. Could you tell me who the IT Director or manager is at your company? (Get name) Great! Could I speak with them please.

Decision Maker
Hi . This is _________and I work with Coulee Techlink out of La Crosse, Wisconsin. We specialize in providing our clients with customized CRM solutions for their organization, at prices that are far less than the out of the box applications that you can currently purchase and then have to force your company to fit their templates.
the reason for my call is simple. If you are interested in implementing a customized CRM solution, then Rod Holum , the president of our company would like to have a chance to impress you with his our solution and show you all the advantages a custom application can provide. Does that sound fair? Great! (Set Appointment)

- If no: follow up

If in the future you need assistance with IT vacation/sick day overflow support let us know. What is your email so I can send you a follow up with our services?