Job Description

I need an expert in Blogger (Blogspot), this expert needs to be able to do theme enhancements, shorten urls, fix any errors to make my site SEO friendly, this will be on-going work for the correct person.

I am new to blogger, I am normally a Wordpress Guy, so I would also like instructions on how to do simple jobs myself.

The First Job that I need doing, is my URL's (permalinks) shortening (Labels removed from Urls), I need where it says "Showing posts with label _ _ _ _. Show all posts" removed, and my Menu Bar (label bar) putting into alphabetical order, with a few exceptions, eg, I want the 'Contact' Label last.

So please apply starting your application with, my fixed price to Shorten your Blogger Urls, remove Showing Posts and do sort your Menu Bar is ......

Failure to start your application correct, will been it will not get read.

Many thanks