Job Description

We are an American Company with a very friendly environment seeking to hire Virtual Assistants to be a part of a dedicated team.

We are looking for BUSINESS ANALYST

Time Required: 2-3 Hours Per Day Monday – Friday

Preferred working hours: Work will need to be started after 2 am CST and must be completed by 10 am CST Monday – Friday

Job/Project Term: Ongoing (10-15 hours per week)

Position Availability: Immediate Need

Skills/Qualifications Required: The ideal candidate must be proficient with EXCEL, EXCEL FORMULAS, and creating charts from excel formulas to produce easy to read charts and graphs to monitor and report web traffic statistics. We will detail what information needs to be tracked and what graphs/charts will be needed to be created and tracked. Accuracy and attention to detail is required for this project.

Duties & Responsibilities: Monday – Friday the candidate will be updating our excel reports where we are tracking online advertising spend. The candidate will assist us in breaking down the information daily, weekly and monthly. We are producing data to quickly analyze all advertising spending channels.
Each day the candidate will:
• Log into 7 different sites to download the reports and enter in the information into the spread sheet.
• Update and double check all formulas
• Create/update an easy to read “dashboard” with the following information:
o Spend amount per channel
 Day, week, month
 Spend amount change (up or down) Day, week month
o Total Clicks per channel
 Day, week, month
 clicks change (up or down) Day, week month
o Total Opt ins per channel
 Day, week, month
 opt ins change (up or down) Day, week month

Note: Only respond to this job posting if you are SERIOUSLY interested in the position. If we contact you for an interview, please be on time. Failure to show up on time for an interview will automatically mean your application will no longer be considered for the position. We take our time, and our clients time VERY seriously and only want reliable employees working with us! Thank you!