Backend Build to Simple PHP Networking Site

Backend Build to Simple PHP Networking Site


Job Description

I am a digital producer who is in the process of coding the front end of a relatively simple networking site (20+ pages in total).

I plan to produce the site in a number of phases.

The front end for the first phase is complete - this comprises a simple login system plus personal profile creation and edit.

Both the registration form and the profile have 8 mandatory fields.

The registration form has email authentication and password recovery.

The profile has a photo upload mechanism (yet to be defined but more than likely an off-the-shelf Javascript solution) plus the ability to add up to 6 social media links.

Both the profile and the account have unique pages to edit and update all but two of the fields.

All the forms for the above are now complete and will come with a wireframe and functional spec document.

I would like all forms to have AJAX checks (front end already in place).

If the above is executed with precision and in good time, I would like to extend the contract to include the following phases:

- Contact system complete with friend request mechanism
- Purchasing system with full PayPal integration
- Internal mailbox system with email notifications
- Admin panel

The front end for the latter is being created / finalised and will be ready over the coming few days along with the rest of the documentation.

I would like to have the backend built using a PHP framework that HTML templates can easily be integrated into and built upon (I have basic PHP skills but would like to be able to edit and expand the front end areas with ease).

I would like to integrate the mail server (Postfix or suchlike) into SendGrid as the SMTP to ensure safe delivery of all mail.

Any questions please ask.



Skills: paypal