Backend Database and Content Management System


Job Description

We are looking for a Developer to build the back end database and functionality for our marketplace online business. The individual should have experience and skills in building database for trading and marketing place websites. The individual should have the following experience

Several years developing websites for enterprise clients.
Custom web application development.
Developed with at least one CMS framework or web application framework.
Employed a framework or extended an existing CMS with custom coding.
Knowledgeable about accessibility or security compliance relevant in client’s sector and geographic location.
Has experience with web development and understands the underlying systems on which they are developed.
Understands the technologies and languages which power the web such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
Understands key server-side web development concepts through typical experiences such as:
Integrating data or user accounts between multiple systems for a client.
Integrating multiple databases and/or database types into one system.
Managing a hosting environment, and has administered databases.
Scaling an application and/or its hosting environment to support increases in traffic.
Setting up or using a version control system, and manage control with file based assets and data. Implementing, managing or using a backup system and disaster recovery.
Securing data or access to applications with multiple user levels, or has customizing experience based on user levels.
Build mailing list relevant to generate traffic to the platform which will be stored in the backend.

Skills: management

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