Backlink Expert (Xrumer or similar)

Backlink Expert (Xrumer or similar)


Job Description

Our company is in need of a freelance Backlink Expert, proficient with tools such as Xrumer, Scrapebox, etc. We'd like to test you on one project to begin with, and if the collaboration works well, we'd like to expand it to our other 10-12 websites.

We have a high-quality social media website that we want to build links to; let's call it "Project X". Think or; a social media website based around user-generated, SEO-rich content.

Instead of learning Xrumer, Scrapebox, Senuke Xcr from scratch, we'd rather like to focus on what we're good at: web development.

We want to create natural, NON-SPAMMY links that with a very high degree of certainly will not hurt Project X's ranking with Google. We'd rather do our backlink building slow and keep it natural, rather than blast 10.000 links in a day.

In addition to this, we hate it when people spam our own sites; so we want to keep the backlink building as "nice" and niche-relevant as possible. The overall goal is to create links that people actually click on (as opposed to just the Google-bot).

One thing we're especially interested in, is creating forum posts that are signed by the development staff of Project X; asking for feedback on our project from forum users. This might also work with blog comments and similar.

If you want to pitch this assignment, detail a sensible backlink building strategy below; based on what I have written - and what you think would be a smart strategy for Project X. If you just post a standard job text, we will decline your offer immediately - so please try to be specific in regards to what we have written.

Project duration: Initial period of 7-21 days (up to 3 weeks), which will be extended if the project is successful.

Project goal: To build a lot (!) of natural backlinks to our frontpage and content, without blasting 10.000 spammy blog comment backlinks per day. All links must of course be pinged and indexed.

NOTE: We will be very thorough in evaluating all the links that are generated - and we will leave feedback on about the quality of links that have been generated. Therefore - please don't apply for this job if you're not 100% confident in your own backlink building skills.

Skills: test