Batch Product Upload for 5 Websites

Batch Product Upload for 5 Websites


Job Description

To all interested parties,

We are looking for a highly skilled programmer who can create a batch product uploading system for our 5 websites (Drupal 7.x).


1. To create taxonomic filters, which will be connected to the catalogs list for each website

2. Products should fit automatically into their respective categories, and/or sub-categories.

For example, if a main product category is rice, then when batch uploading all products, those products that are related to rice, ie. rice cooker, should automatically fall under the rice category

3. Apply this logic to all 5 websites, and adjust as needed for each website.

Terms and Conditions:

1. Project must be completed within 4 to 5 days of starting date. Must be submitted by 12am. No excuses or delays!

2. Must sign non-disclosure agreement, in which we will guarantee your payment. Please note that all project tasks must be completed and error-free. We will not accept your work otherwise.

3. Only Contract Work, No Hourly!

Please note that project fixed price includes odesk fees

Thank you for your interest
Good luck to all applicants, and hope to work with you soon