Bid Manager

Bid Manager


Job Description

Our company which is based in the UK, designs, manufactures, installs and services security and telecare systems within the UK marketplace. Due to increasing workload we are looking to offer this additional work to freelancers

The job position involves the following:-

1) Completion of Public Sector PQQ (Pre-Qualification Questionairs) - Pre bid stage
2) Completion of Pricing/Tender Documents - Bid stage
3) Completion of quotations
4) Email/Uploading of documents

You will need a sound understanding of business systems and processors and a good understanding of fundamental business issues such as:-

Health and Safety
Enviromental Management
ISO 9000 Quality Management

You will also need good organisational, IT and literacy skills in English

A typical job description for a Bid Manager can be seen here:-

We are looking for someone who is prepared to undertake this task for a low hourly rate, but being rewarded upon a sucessful bid at the rate of 2% of contract Net value. Contract values are typically in the range of 25K to 250K (GBP) and a typical time to complete a bid is from 0.5 to 1 day for an experienced Bid Manager

There are lots of available reference books availble, to allow people to become good bid writers, and hence obtain a rewarding salary

Skills: management, english