Bilingual (Spanish/English) iPhone App QA Tester

Bilingual (Spanish/English) iPhone App QA Tester


Job Description

I am looking for a bilingual (Spanish & English speaking) person to QA a new iPhone app that we are currently completing that teaches English speakers how to speak Spanish, and Spanish speakers how to speak English.

You must have experience in QA Testing and your own method to test, log, and report the QA test. This can include whatever tool/form/spreadsheet or anything else you use to complete the job.

I would like you to respond with the word Apple anywhere in either the body or subject line of your response. This will let me know that you took the time to read this job post and not just out there posting randomly without bothering to look at the requirements for the job.

It will also tell me that you pay attention to details. Obviously a very important quality to have in QA Testing.

You must have an iPhone to properly do this job. And of course, you must speak both English and Spanish fluently in order to properly do this job.

Skills: english, qa, test

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