BitCoin Mining Webpage

BitCoin Mining Webpage


Job Description


I'd like a bitcoin mining webpage
where the actual mining happens through the page or through a program,
and of course using my bitcoin acc, so I get the bitcoin. The users might be paid after their computing power used by their cpu/gpu. The rates should be changeable and should be different for the cpu, than for the gpu. The users should be able to chose whether they want to lend their cpu, or their gpu, or maybe both. The more computing power they lend, the more money they get.

So the requirements:
- a page, where actual mining happens or a program using gpu and cpu (easier to copy an other program that is free)
-divide the work between users, so they don't do the same stuff again
-each member gets paid after calculations and they can see the earned amount in their balance (I can set how much, but it should be very little, because they can do millions of calculations every second)
- registration (and a paypal account where the payments are made)
-admin paypal account can be modified, so I can pay from a different account.
-admin bitcoin acc can be changeed
-every label on buttons and on everything can be changed, so i can set it to my language
-affiliate program, so the users can get a percentage after each referred member's computing
-users should not know what they are computing, so if this plan fails, and most likely it will, I could use their computing capacity for other stuff, without the users panicing
-some hack protection would be nice

The program should be like these, but the tracker on the web site should be customizable in case I start a new program to use the resources for anything else.