Blog Converge/insert Yoast

Blog Converge/insert Yoast


Job Description

***please respond to my questions in this post and do not just send a form email to me!!!! I need to know specific information, not just your overall skill set!!!!*****

I currently have two blogs, and need to converge them into one and
One is blogger, and one is WordPress. The blogger is getting more hits, even though I was told wordpress would get me more views.

I would like to merge the two blogs and add Yoast (SEO) to it. I also need to create a more user friendly blog (perhaps with a different template).

I would like to start posting on my blog again, on the Wordpress platform, and work on getting more viewers, etc.

Please respons with how long this would take you, time frame, and price you would charge.


Skills: data-conversion