Blog writer about distribution warehouses

Blog writer about distribution warehouses


Job Description

We are looking for an articulate, long term writer for one of our new blogs. The blog centers on workers of distribution centers and the ideal candidate must have experience with:
- working in a distribution warehouse,
- or currently working in a warehouse,
- or knowledgable of distribution warehouse operations,
- or knowledgable of distribution warehouse issues
- etc.

The writing will be responsible for writing 2-4 articles per month of 600-800 words in length on topics of their own choosing. The content should be fresh, interesting, relevent etc. to workers of these warehouses. It will need to be accompanies by at least 2 pictures and uploaded directly to the wordpress blog. All content must to free of grammatical and spelling errors.

Writers will be paid $4 to 8 per articles depending on the their skill and experience. Writers must commit to at least 2 articles per month and the initial assignment is for 3 months. The bid should be for 8 articles. In order to apply you must submit:
- An explanation of your experience with distribution centers
- An example of your writing
- 2-4 topics you would write about