Blogger Wanted

Blogger Wanted


Job Description


Please read very carefully.

I am looking for a quality Blogger/Article rewriter to write a 500 word article per day Monday to Friday for 20 days every month. I shall provide the articles/links for the content to be rewritten.

This may suit a blogger who wishes to use the experience to add to their CV by writing for a number of UK based websites covering a diverse range of niches. I am looking for somebbody to work long term and in return for your services and providing you are suitable, you shall be added to the sites as a team member in some capacity relating to blogging.

Paying $10 for the contract - followed by ongoing contract. Please note it is NOT $10 per article written.

You are required to attach (preferably in word) 2 blog posts/articles rewritten by you. In the event that you have no articles I can give you a short article to rewrite to test your capabilities.

Look forward to hearing from you.