Bluetooth 4.0 Device Design

Bluetooth 4.0 Device Design


Job Description

Looking for an engineer that can design and build a prototype of a small electronic device. The major elements necessary in design are a Bluetooth 4.0 chip, small rechargeable battery by micro USB port, and a push button activation switch. I will require a schematic and prototype. This is a development project on a budget. The size of this design must be small and specific measurements will be provided in a CAD format.

Must be dual band Bluetooth 4.0
Must have a rechargeable by Micro USB port internal battery
Must have two (one on each side) high fidelity vibration based sound conductors (bone conduction transducer, piezoelectric buzzer)
The activation button must be easy to push

Expected Time:

This project should take less than 4 weeks.


I intend to eventually take this product to market and will be interested in contract manufacturing options.

Skills: design