Book App - iPad & iPhone, Android & Windows 8

Book App - iPad & iPhone, Android & Windows 8


Job Description

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I'm looking for someone who can code NATIVELY for iOS 7, Android and Windows 8. Serious developers only please, with experience.

iOS app is first, and then we can do Android and Windows 8 after.

I need an app for reading books made. A full specification will be given detailing exactly how it should work. All graphics will be supplied by me, you do only programming. I will also do all server-side programming, so you will only POST to a script (API) and get JSON returned to communicate with the server. You do only programming.

You will need to implement image decoders for JBIG2 format and JPEG2000 format. I will give you links to examples of how to do this in Xcode. But you do need to be smart enough to implement image decoders in Xcode.

You also need to be able to programme nice and smooth animations for rotate and other such effects.

Please give examples of apps you've done so far. Also if you want the job please write your bid specific to this job; copy-pasted bids will be ignored. Please explain why you are the person for the job and demonstrate your skill with Xcode 7.

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