Book/Reading List site on Google app engine with Amazon product api integration

Closed - This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.

Job Description

The app must be made using the following technologies.

Google App Engine
Language: python 2.7
Framework: webapp2 or django
Database: App Engine Datastore
Templating Engines: Jinja2 or django
Caching: Memcached

Feature & function requirements:

1. Basic user registration and login/logout.
a. Store username, email, password
b. login page
c. registration page

2. For each user:
a. user page with unique url ( showing
- displaying book list, with image for each book
- A list of book lists. (like pintrest has mutiple pinboards, also see attached image)
b. account settings (change password, email, username)
c. a goal for number of books read, set on the primary list (3c)

3. Book lists:
a. Books needs to be pulled in from Amazons affiliate API. I will provide the amazon IDs needed.
Here is one example of the API being used in a similar way and the associated blog posts:
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

b. once the book query results have been returned, they need to be saved to the datastore and associated to that user and book list.

c. create two book lists types. I need a primary list, which will be the first list created and is limited to one per user. I also need a secondary list, there can be many per user.

d. from the primary list, a calculated percentage complete, with a meter showing progress.

e. users will need the ability to add books from other users lists, while logged in. (if not logged in them redirected to a login page)

f. book lists need unique urls (

4. Implement caching using memcached

Other requirements/notes:
- error handling
- well commented code
- *aside from item 4d, very little front end or design work needs to be done*

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