Boonex Dolphin Flash video player intergration

Boonex Dolphin Flash video player intergration


Job Description

We are seeking a experienced, motivated and very skilled Boonex Dolphin Web Developer to enable the video uploader to upload videos and play videos properly and assist us with these issue:

1) Enable the uploader to upload videos properly.
The video player is not playing newly uploaded videos.
2) Show the video full screen in the video player as many videos play in the center and doesn’t utilize the whole player.
3) Enable the video thumbnail on the video player . The video is showing a black screen with no image right now. Enable the video thumbnail on the video player.
4) Enable the video to autoplay when a video is clicked on
5) Put the video info box back in that appears after a video is uploaded and let us know where we can go to change the color of the file info box. What file do you have to go to change the color
6) Enable the options for video and photos to be sorted correctly for Most Viewed, Most Commented and Top Rated
7) Video upload notification are not being posted to the wall
Show the text: Member added new video. It’s not appearing and show the video player in the wall.
1)The iframes that are added in the page builder are not showing up. Every time we put a iframe into the html block it disappears or it doesn’t show the ad and it only shows the text. The text also disappears after saving an html block.
2)Please login and logout from the site to see the logout message.

Must be able to
Finish on time
Must be in communications.
Must be motivated
Must be highly skilled in Boonex Unity.

Pay: Base on experience.