Business Consultant to join our small team to promote and bring sales of a unique 350 page true life autobiography

Business Consultant to join our small team to promote and bring sales of a unique 350 page true life autobiography


Job Description

We work on behalf of a client who has written an autobiography.

His manuscript is written to a very high standard and he as been told this by many publishing agents within the UK. None of these agents wanted to work with him due to him not having a high enough profile (ie hes not famous) thus they could not work with him publishing his book.

We want help from an experinced business consultant who can think outside the box to help bring attention to this unpublished box.

He as a new website about the book. The site is a good quality site where people can buy a kindle version of the site.

He is not bothered at the start what price the book is sold for. The important thing at this stage is that people buy and read the book. He does not want to give away free copies of the book as most people who get a free kindle do not read them, certainly not for a long time.

We would like to bring the book to the attention of high profile book reviewers, who have the ability to recommend the book to a wide audience.

We are very open to what direction we go in to acheive this.

Having a small budget we do not have funds to spend on advertising, but do have some funds.

We are also willing to put the book on amazon, however again attention needs to be brought to the book in order to get sales.

Has I said earlier the book is a VERY well written and interesting read. It as over 100,000 words over 350 pages. I have just finishing reading it myself and it is just as good as anything for sale on the shelves in book shops. Its a very moving and instresting story about the life of a 30 year old male. A theme going through the book is his success in winning over £500,000 gambling. I use the word gambling, however it wasnt gambling as such due to his very unique system which allowed him to win. The system was devised by himself and is 100% unique. Nobody else as ever made or used such a system to win. This is only a small part of the book, the rest, about his life is very strong without it.

He tell me that 6 years ago (when he finished writing it and finished the gambling) he had interest from top UK newspapers, including The Sun (this is the worlds best selling daily newspaper an as been for over 20 years).

When applying we require you to show you can think outside the box. We will employ somebody who is able to demonstrate this as well as offer a way forward within this project.

Skills: kindle, amazon