Business Development/Consultancy Sales

Business Development/Consultancy Sales


Job Description

Entry Level - Business Development

Job Description
Beta Analytic is seeking a self-directed, career minded individual for an entry-level, part-time position in its Business Development Division, involving customer-centric consultancy sales and marketing within an exciting, fast-paced professional environment. Our entry level position offers advancement to full-time opportunities and comprehensive training for motivated individuals who are seeking to build experience in the industry. This is a great tele-commute opportunity for a professional seeking flexibility and unlimited potential. Qualified candidates should submit resumes to North America Operations Manager at bzaha@betalabservices.

Responsibilities include:

• Target Marketing – identify and pursue new opportunities for our lab services.
• Cold Calling – make cold calls with the intention of setting forward advancing follow-up activities. Specialist MUST be comfortable making lots of calls, including cold calls, as this will be the majority of work done.
• Report Performance – provide daily activity reports to company leadership.
• Be a Team Play – contribute to positive, cooperative work environment, making sound recommendations to enhance operations and customer service.
• Knowledge – possess willingness and capacity to learn, assimilate, and maintain a high level of knowledge on company services, operations, industry, and client trends.
• Availability – must be available to participate in meetings, strategic planning sessions, and discussions related to company issues.
• Solidify Business Relationships – create and maintain lasting relationships between our company and its new and existing customers.
• Enhance Customer Loyalty – industry leaders emerge from strong customer loyalties.
• Optimize Business – the lab services our company provides support a broad range of disciplines spanning the academic and business sectors.