Business Plan for Web Based Business


Job Description

We're looking for a consultant with expertise in creating a website business plans for a online fitness consulting company. We have exercise weight loss programs and personalized one on one training programs and 12 week programs that we are wanting to market, all services would be sold online with some offline advertising in the future. The program would consist of diet nutrition consultation and planning exercise technique videos personalized programs to suit the clients training age or ability, the client would follow this program for 12 weeks etc. Please email me for examples of other online exercise programs. The product has not been created, I am wanting the business plan to determine the potential size of the market and if there is potential for such a product to be sold solely online to international market.

We are looking for someone who can help with creating a business plan that incorporates:

1. Sales and cash flow projections and estimation of fixed and variable costs and online marketing costs.
2. Automated Operation analysis ie how best to set up site so site is as automated as it can be.
3. Market analysis, including competition and customer segments and future trends, online fitness training programs as well as off line what people are charging and what is the client getting in return for their money. And how we will get clients.
4. Marketing analysis where and how we will get potential clients to the website
5. Any legal matters that may be involved with the sale of an online services product.
6. What is the best price point, and what should we charge the client.
7. Other forms of income what are some other ways of generating income online from this program ie affiliate, supplements etc.
8. Keyword analysis what is the marketing searching for online exact phrase only in regards to similar products or services or online search inquiries.

Within each of these segments will be sub-topics that you might suggest or we will think of together. The document and all research can be put together in a word document.

Contractor requirements

We are looking for a business consultant with the following skills:

1. Strong business plan experience and general familiarity with online marketing and online companies and operations of an online business and how best to generate online leads. Specifically, you must be a generalist that understands finance, marketing, and operations. A consulting background is preferred
2. Ability to explain certain concepts or ideas to those without business backgrounds
3. Proficiency with MS Office

How to apply

Please respond with a cover letter that includes the following:

1. Your background in business consulting, specifically start ups
2. Your education that pertains to this role
3. Experience with Online Businesses or similar companies or online marketing experience

Please also provide an in-depth example of a similar engagement and the results of that engagement.

About the company

We are a start up online fitness consulting business helping clients lose weight increase muscle get fitter lose weight change their diets and help a client lose weight and be healthier, the product is focused at a potential client that has the motivation to go to the gym but doesn't know how to exercise or about nutrition to lose weight or they cant afford a personal trainer at all and want to know how to exercise properly to lose weight or gain muscle.

Please email if you require further information thanks

skills required are the follwing:

Online Marketing
Keyword Research
Internet research
and also an understanding of Face Book or toher social media sites to be able to gain leads or potential clients.
Micro soft Office or similar

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Skills: analysis, marketing, finance, training, research, facebook, keyword-research, twitter, english