Business Sale Broker

Business Sale Broker


Job Description


We have a company that has developed a mobile ad platform which has considerable interest from the market.

The founders of the company are interested in selling the company to other companies in the same industry. We are looking for help in the sale of the business.

Work Involved:
1. Understand our business by working with the founders and putting together a presentation that can be sent to potential buyers.
2. Research list of competitors in the same industry and find appropriate contact information.
3. Reach out to potential companies and let them know that the business is available for sale.
4. Arrange for meetings and schedule appointments.

You must have good written and spoken english.

You will be paid on an hourly basis + a percentage of the sale price of the company.

Must have a strong linked in profile and be willing to leverage it for best results.

Please contact me with the following information:

1. Link to your linked in profile
2. List of sales work that you have done in the past and any experience with selling companies / websites.


Skills: research, linkedin