Buttons, categories, Images

Buttons, categories, Images


Job Description

I am Building a Wish List Membership Site and I need the Following COOL type buttons I need this site to be unique. I want the Buttons to be like Ninja Type Buttons.

I would like a Image For Level I Yellow Belt Ninja Training

1. Member Log in Button
2. Log Out Button
3. Support Button
4. FAQ Button
5. LEVEL I Button
6. Module I Button-Image Introduction To getting Started
7. Module II Button-Image
8. Module II Button-Image
9. Module III Button-Image
10. Module IV Button-Image
11. Module V Button-Image
12. Module VI Button-Image
13. Congrats You are Now Certified Button-Image

I would Like a Image for Orange Belt Level II Ninja Training

14. Unlock Level II Button Image-Product Creation/WSO Launch
Module I Button-Image Introduction To getting Started

These Buttons have to Look Different than the Top Ones
15. Module I Button-Image
16. Module II Button-Image
17. Module III Button-Image
18. Module IV Button-Image
19. Module V Button-Image
20> Congrats You are Now Certified Button-Image-This would Be Brown Belt Training

Then I also Need a Image That is Black Belt Advanced Super Fast Training
Fast Start to $10,000 in 60 days and 10,000 Subscribers. Become Fully Certified. Bypass the 180 Days Training and Move Right into the Fast Start Section

I want a Cool Type Of Image For WSO-Product Launch Creation

I want a Cool Type of Image for Advanced Level III Certification Training


I have what My Logo Looks Like and I would like the theme to be around the Logo

Skills: graphics, logo

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