C# windows application programming

C# windows application programming


Job Description

I am looking for someone whom I can hire on a full time basis. He/She will be working as a C# wnidows application Programmer. I have more than 6 months load of work for potential person.

- Potential Employee will be working from 9AM to 5PM (US Pacific Standard Time)
- He/She will be working on the Development Project and hands over to me each task after it is fully finished.
- The first couple of weeks I might watch the work using teamviewer.

- C#
- Database

I have so far hired many people and had to fire them for the following reasons:
- They chat while working
- They claim to be individual but they are a business. So they get the work from me and have someone else do it.
- They claimed they know so much and they simply didn't.
If any of the above matches you, please DON'T bid on the job.

Please price this job on an hourly basis. I would guarantee at least 40 hours a week load of work.


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