CAI Video Presentation To Education Professional


Job Description

This job is only open to people who are Certified Armis Instructors

Your job is to do a video presentation, this is a demo presentation that has real life applications.

Although the people in the video know one another it should be done in a way as if they are new to one another. Make it as real as possible so that when you do it in real life you will be comfortable.

You are meeting the Principal of a local school to give the following Armis presentation (have one of your friends play the roll of the Principal).

1) Greeting - give customary greeting with name exchange.
2) Demonstration -
Give your listener(s) a physical Player’s Handbook, and a physical Player Piece Movement guide while you are setting up your laptop, call their attention to the set-up page when you have arrived at the ‘Play Armis Now’ page at Mention one benefit of playing Armis

Show them where the Player’s Handbook is on the site, also show them the on-screen rules. Mention another benefit of playing Armis

Write down any suggestions they may have during the presentation.

Identify the player pieces on screen and in player’s handbook while the auto set-up is generating a set-up. Mention a third benefit of playing Armis

Start to play the game, explain that the computer is playing at beginner level, and that the average computer game lasts about 15 mins, explain how the objective of the game and the common strategies and tactics of the game benefit the player during the time it takes for the computer to move (20 seconds), mention the different benefits of playing Armis, the tutorial videos on youtube, and the lesson-plans on the site,

3) Conclude - at the end of the game reiterate 5 of the Armis benefits that your listener received positively during your presentation. As you pack-up be thankful for the opportunity you had to make the presentation, then request three referrals (give referral card) and give customary farewell

1) A laptop computer with Armis installed
2) A flash drive or cd with Armis on it
3) Five Player’s Handbooks
4) Five Player Piece Movement Guides

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