CAI Video Teach A Class How To Play Armis


Job Description

This job is only for Certified Armis Instructors

You will need the following:

1) a room with a writing board
2) laptops for all involved
3) at least 5 students
4) vid recorder w/ good sound and lighting

Open the video telling the viewer that you are doing this video to show how to show instructors how to show a class of students how to learn how to play Armis.

1) introduce yourself as well as the child,
2) tell the viewers and the child about Armis
3) ask the child what s/he knows about Armis
4) tell of the benefits of playing Armis
5) begin to teach the game

1) finish teaching the child how to play the game
2) play 1 game with you at lead, and 2nd game with child at lead
3) tell child to practice the game as homework

1) allow the child to play a complete game alone
2) when game is finished congratulate the child for the win, and tell the viewers about some of the benefits of playing Armis
3) Invite views to learn how to play, and to take advantage of the Armis for Schools Worldwide program. Free games to schools anywhere in the world.

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