CPA Offers 100 Leads or more per day ( Email Submit )

CPA Offers 100 Leads or more per day ( Email Submit )


Job Description

I am in need of someone to provide me REAL CPA leads.

if anyone can generate 100 Leads or more per day. the work will be instantly after accepting the bid.

The ONLY Allowed Marketing is:

Adware / Toolbar Traffic
Banner / Text Link Traffic
Contextual Traffic
Network Syndication
Search Engine Optimized Pages
Path / Linkout Traffic
Free Social Media
Paid Search (PPC)

Allowed Countries: United States


In other words...

*NO Use of proxy servers.
*NO Rotating IP addresses.
*NO Fake Emails.
*NO Fake Zip Codes.
*NO Duplicates sign ups.
*NO Fraudulent sign ups.
*NO Automated Methods.
*NO Cookie Cleaners.
*NO Black Hat/Spam
*NO Craigslist.
*NO Auto Bots or Software.
*NO do not get your friends to sign up
*NO you can not hire other people to fill them out for you
*ONLY quality sign-ups
*ONLY unique and confirmed E-mail Addresses and Zip Codes
*ONLY unique and confirmed IP addresses

You will receive $0.30 for each valid and unique lead you bring and this is not negotiable. So if you generating 100 leads per day, you will earn $30 per day.

I'm looking to make partnership, So please if you can do this job don't hesitate to bid right now.

Your first payment will be made to your account immediately after my CPA Network pays me for the leads that you have generated in your first 2 weeks. You will only be paid once I receive the money from my affiliate company. The reason that I do this is if I pay you up front for the leads and the affiliate company tells me that my leads are garbage then I will lose out on all of the money. But if everything is OK and my affiliate company send my payment in my Paypal account,then I Immediately send you the money in your account. If you really think that you are good CPA leads provider, then there will be no problem for you to work without uprfront.

Just keep in your mind that there is no scam here or any trick, this is a benefit for you and me. SO there is nothing to worry about.

If everything is OK, you can be hired full time to generate more leads.

Please PM (BEFORE you BID) to provide how you will track each offer you will be promoting and how you will generate the leads. I don’t need your secrets, just an idea, so that my CPA account does not get banned for fraudulent leads. I would like to test things first to see how they are going to work.