Call Centre 7 days

Call Centre 7 days


Job Description

We are looking for an experienced call centre operations company who are able to take calls during Australian Eastern Standard Time between 8am and 10pm.

The roles and responsibilities of this position is to:

1) Answer calls in a friendly courteous manner in a clear western accent
2) Take the details of the caller, name and number and enquiry details, so we can call them back
3) send us an email of the details for call follow up and the time the call was made.

This is for a one month trial initially that will lead to a long term arrangement for the right person/team.

Your team will need to have a landline telephone and be available from 8am-10pm AEST to accept calls.

We receive around 10 calls per day. The business is for a holiday rental booking service.
Will not pay more than $50 per month based on call volume.

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