Campaign Manager For Community Initiative In Jacksonville, Fl, USA


Job Description

This job is great for a person with political ambitions, you will meet the Mayor, City Council members, School Board members, Schools Superintendent, community leaders, business leaders, and do an abundance of TV, Radio, and newspaper interviews.

This local job is for someone in the Jacksonville, Florida community, the following is the initiative. You have 180 days to get 50K certifiable signatures, you will be paid 1/5 of the fee each time you reach 10K certified signatures.

Armis, The Official Board Game Of Jacksonville, Florida Initiative

Dear Jacksonville Neighbor,
Jacksonville Education Professional,
Jacksonville Small Business Owner,
Jacksonville Community Leader, and/or
Jacksonville Election Official:

We are seeking your endorsement for our petition to advance Armis as the official board game of Jacksonville Florida.

Armis is a high strategy board game that was created in Jacksonville, by a Jacksonville resident, in 2008. Currently Armis is played in over 70 different countries around the world. We are seeking the written encouragement of 100,000 Jacksonville residents for the success of this community initiative.

Here are just some of the many reasons why we believe our cause is good for Jacksonville:
Armis is fun,
Armis builds self-esteem and self-confidence,
Armis encourages patience and concentration,
with Armis you learn, follow, and respect rules, and societal norms,
Armis develops organizational skills and leadership qualities such as planning, budgeting of resources, and evaluation of probabilities,
Armis allows players to learn from the good and bad decisions of both players, thereby enabling them to reasonably predict consequences of future actions.

The greatest reason to give us your blessing is to have our local government acknowledge, encourage, and reward creative innovation birthed in our city that may benefit our fine state and great nation.

We want 100,000 supporters for our initiative, please provide your name and contact information to help reach our goal.

Thank You
The Armis For Jacksonville Initiative

Skills: leadership

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