Can U sell ??? Can U Manage???

Can U sell ??? Can U Manage???


Job Description

We are looking for a person (s) to help us to build online businesses.

Your role will be to look for and Manage the development of the website (which we will discuss and agree to!) and then you will help develop it as a Business under our stewardship...

You will be responsible for the day to day operations of the business ... so unless you are
a good organizer and
a good Time Manager and
a good "people person" (and communicator) then u will not succeed with us.

A strong sense of initiative, intuition and a integrity will go a long way towards the success of what we hope to achieve with you and

WE ARE OFFERING A FIXED CONTRACT to get you started and a Monthly BONUS based on the results of what you can achieve...(this will take a short time to organise, so we know the cost of website development!).

WE are looking to develop our online business so this can be the start of a long and successful association with anyone that can genuinely offer a great input for the ideas of developing a mutual you ...

QUITE OFTEN ... at this point ... you will decide to come and put your best foot forward ... or you can decide to ignore this altogether ...

BUT IF YOU COME " HALF-HEARTED" then it will show quite readily in your application !!!!!!

Please apply for this ONLY IF YOU HAVE A GREAT ATTITUDE as we do not want to waste valuable time...

This can be a great step forward ... we welcome your application.

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