Can You Build the Perfect Beast?

Can You Build the Perfect Beast?


Job Description

We are hiring a developer to create only the beginning of a very simple iOS/Android application for mobile phone crowd-sourcing for small location based tasks such as taking photo/video or translation of text. If this milestone is completed well, there will be more work immediately.

The requirements are as follows;

A company creates an account on website, and then creates a new project with a title and description. In the project, they fill detail of assignment such as “observe, visit or explore”. Each task names a location where it’s to be done. The system detects location where task is to be completed. When the company marks the project as ready, it is announced to the workers within location of the task using GPS. The announcement shows title, description of task and price. The worker approves or rejects. They log in to execute the task and upload, one at a time, marking each finished when done, which sends the file back to the company for review and analysis.” The contracting company logs in remotely to check and download analysed data.

Speaking of functionality – “this app will be built on Google Cloud Platform, store and analyze data on Google’s infrastructure, use GPS, mapping, calls to web files and utilize some 3.0 functionality like push notifications, will be a free app.”

Developer will be required to brief the Creative Officer about progress through skype and emails. He/she will also be required to upload online part of completed work from time to time as evidence of progress of work.
Very important: when quoting for this work, reply with the word- (Non-Disclosure Agreement Mandatory) in the subject line. Please indicate estimated time it will take you to complete this 1st phase of the project.

Skills: video, gps