Canadian Traveling Photographer


Job Description

I need a photographer to obtain photos of our collegues remote infrastructure units in Canada. Locations=

Eagle Lake First Nation, Ontario
Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation
Project Location:
Eagle Lake, Ontario
Project Description:
Design and prototype development of the first “utility appliance” to supply all infrastructure services to an off-grid single family dwelling (micro co-generation, renewable energies, potable water treatment, wastewater management, remote control)
Site Access:
Road access

Parks Canada, Manitoba
Solar Solutions, Winnipeg
Project Location:
Wapusk National Park, Churchill, Manitoba
Project Description:
Design, supply and installation of a complete EcoNomad™ infrastructure appliance to service a seasonal research station in the National Park.
The EcoNomad™ system is providing all power, potable water and wastewater servicing to the remote site.
Site Access:
Access by winter trail and helicopter only.

Nunatsiavut Government , Nain, Labrador
Sikumiut Environmental Management Ltd., St. John’s, NfLd
Redrock Camps, Calgary
Project Location:
Torngat Mountains National Park, Labrador
Project Description:
Supply of a power system (renewable energy plus micro-co generation) and a potable water treatment and storage system to a remote tourism and research facility.
Site Access:
Access to site by helicopter and barge only