Carpet Description Writer, Hiring in 2 hours.

Carpet Description Writer, Hiring in 2 hours.


Job Description

Hello Every one,

Today i am looking to hire some one with great writing experience and perfect English Grammar.

Note: I will hire the best contractor without interview based on the performance in the recruitment test.

Job Description:
- Write description of carpets for Onlinecarpet.EU
- There are more than 300 carpets for which you will be writing description.
- We'll start with 10 carpets first then we'll move to the rest.

1- Great Communication
2- Great writing skills specially product review writing etc
3- Fast and accurate
4- Short learning curve

Recruitment Test:
1- Go to this link:

2- Write a very professional 20 word description of this carpet.

Remember: Contractor who wrote the best description will be hired.

Start your application with "i have included the description of carpet"

Best of luck !

Skills: english