Character Rigger - Maya


Job Description

Hi! I've been a Senior Animator on Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Ironman and dozens of other movies.

I need a 3D Maya rig system created for my in class students.

This system should allow students to generate a 3D rig based off where they place the bones.

It should have a sticky spine, IK/FK hand and leg switches, 'broken' neck/fixed neck switch, and more.

The purpose of this is to let students quickly place joints and generate a nice rig.

I don't mind if you modify an existing rig generator, just so long as there are no copyright claims to this pre-existing work.

If this something you can do, please give me a proposal of how you would create this, how much time it would take, and what your flat rate would be. I am listing this as an hourly fee, but will only pay a flat project fee. So please give me an estimate, or place $99 as a temporary placeholder until we chat on Skype and I give you more info.

Also, please start your reply letter with the phrase 'Heya Mike' so I know you actually read this. If you don't start your cover letter with that I will not read what you wrote. This is because it's important to find collaborators who follow directions.

I look forward to hearing from you!