Chat,SMS,Email, Operator

Chat,SMS,Email, Operator


Job Description

I want you to understand the job well,
and agree to it before I can award it to you.

I will describe the job:
You will get an IM username (girls name naturally) and leads will contact you by IM's and mails.
The target is to sell to these people subscriptions to a cam show on our website.
you will convince your chatMate to move on to a website where they can watch "you" (NOT ACTUALLY YOU) on video, then you will send them a link to the site.

When a person is paying for a video chat with a girl- you get payed $10

An average chat person is making 5 sales like this a day but feel free to break boundaries!
A good chat person is doing around 10 sales and sometimes more then that.
It takes some time to get the idea (around 7-10 days) so don't expect to make 10 sales on the first day, (but you can expect 2)

there is no limit to the amount of leads we c an send you, even 1000 a day.

there are many ways to close a sale and lead to paid cam show, we will guide from A to Z about all.
Please also send me a ma il to mysecurewebcam at G ma i l

Naturally, the conversations are sometimes in a "dirty" language, it's important for me to say it, so there will be no surprises after awarding the project.

Please tell me if you want this job and will take it from there.