Chief Systems Architect (hands on)


Job Description

The next seismic wave to radically reshape cyberbusiness is coming. It will be unprecedented in size.

An astonishing weakness and global opportunity is to be found when one considers the foundation of VIRTUALLY ALL web transactions. From this understanding you and I can build an utterly compelling new technology.

I want you to be the other half of the development team that architects that technological change!

Demonstrate to me that technology is your play thing and that your skills take you beyond the science and into the art of computing. Thats why I would call you The Architect.

You will be working with an entrepreneur that has developed and patented new technology currently in use by some of the UK's largest firms.

This is a startup and scratch build of a new platform for mass collaboration on loosely structured thematically related data structures (text initially leading to audio and video). The job starts with low tech demands but is on a long road map to bleeding edge science.

This is a job for a hands-on C\C++ developer with a keen interest in UI and strong team leading skills. You probably lost track of the number of languages you've played with.

Experience of scratch build of indexing technologies, pattern recognition techniques. Targeting variety of common OS and browser environments. Exposure to e-discovery useful. Great communication skills in English essential.

Skills and experience in system optimisation & distributed computing will be key. While this is not a game, it will suit gamification thinking and keen interests in tech usability.

This will suit ambitious people who love big and beautifully simple tech ideas and are ready to leave their mark in the technology universe!

Skills: english, science