China Sourcing - Locate Manufacturer of Beads

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

We are a USA-based jewelry company that specializes in Mothers Birthstone bracelets. We currently purchase our jewelry supplies domestically, at a significant mark-up cost. We know that these supplies are being manufactured in China and we'd like to locate either the source factories, or the China-based distributors, so that we can buy from them direct at lower costs.

The two components we're interested in sourcing are a 7mm x 3mm Rhinestone Rondelle and a 8mm silver-plated brass beads. These can be seen on our domestic supplier's website:

Because quality control is very important, we would prefer to find the same suppliers used by Fire Mountain. The beads we have tried to order from and are not high enough quality.

We are looking for someone who we can FedEx a sample of the beads to, and have them try and track down the factories making them.

To apply for this job, you must be located in Shenzhen China, as this is where the factories for these beads most likely are. We will not hire someone to do this remotely on Alibaba or other website. We need boots on the ground.