Chinese (mainland) cosmetics and/or chemical

Chinese (mainland) cosmetics and/or chemical


Job Description


I am a PhD in chemistry, aggressively searching for a person who can do the following: 1) read write speak Mandarin 2) has a thorough, working knowledge of the Chinese (mainland) REGULATORY PROTOCOLS INVOLVED IN THE INTRODUCTION AND APPROVAL OF A COSMETIC INGREDIENT AND/OR CHEMICAL into Chinese cosmetic products sold within Chinese society.

I am in the New York City area, so I have easy access to MANY fluent Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese)/English speakers. If your English is not proficient, but your technical skills (the Chinese mainland regulatory protocols regarding cosmetics and/or chemicals) are very strong, this is fine. The more skills you have in the REGULATORY UNDERSTANDING AND NAVIGATION, the more I will pay you. The language is less important.

As I am a chemist, I am not worried about the chemistry of the task at hand. However, I need to figure out 1) how to determine whether or not a compound will be considered merely a cosmetic ingredient or an actual chemical 2) assess whether or not this ingredient/compound is currently being used in the manufacture of Chinese products inside mainland China and 3) what the regulatory protocol(s) is (are) to effect this task, based on whether the compound is determined to be a cosmetic or a chemical.

This is my company, where I will be facilitating the completion of these tasks for another company, so I must win this contract to pay you.

Skills: facilitating, english