Christmas themed sprites

Closed - This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.

Job Description

Need several holiday themed graphic assets to be delivered as Adobe Illustrator Vector images.

These images will be used in a mobile application.

All of the assets should be original artwork that follows a style described as follows:
Cartoony characters that are 'cute', with bright colors, large eyes and expressive faces:

Assets Required:

*** Santa Sleigh graphic, no santa: The 'side view' santa will be used with a mask to achieve an effect of santa driving the sleigh. The rear of the sleigh should have space for the 'bag of toys and perhaps a present or two.

***Santa Character, seated, side view, facing Right broken into multiple pieces:
1 Body And Legs - will be a static image, the other pieces will animate on top of it.

Heads: 3 total, all with Mouth Closed
1 santa head facing forward (toward front of sleigh)
1 santa head facing user (toward camera)
1 santa head 1/2 way between forward & facing
Body: 1, seated , no arms
Arms: 5 total:
1 pointing forward
1 curled in front , as if holding reigns
1 arm waving (animation sequence 1)
1 arm waving (animation sequence 2)
1 arm waving (animation sequence 3)

(body, neck, head (3 just like santa's), legs (5 total for run / stand sequence)
Reindeer should be wearing gear to allow them to be hooked to santa's sleigh

***Additional items
5 Presents: Various sizes, shapes, angles, with bows and ribbons
2 santa sacks: 1 view open, one closed, cinched together
5 snowflakes

In total, there are roughly 50 seperate graphic elements that need to be created so that they are able to be pieced toogether for animation.