Cinema Consultant and Development Manager


Job Description

We're looking for a consultant who has worked in the operational and management structure of a cinema preferably in Europe.

Please respond with a cover letter that includes the following:
1. Your background, cv, resume and reference.
2. You must include I am a human and not a computer in the first line of your bid.
4. We have a preference for working with candidates in Europe ,Eastern Europe, US, Canada, Latin America, Australian or South African for timezone reasons. Please note accept candidates from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh or China are NOT allowed for this job.
4. Please confirm the time you could work over the next week.
5. You must have Skype. Please include your Skype availability so we can arrange an immediate interview.

Please tell us if you have a full time job elsewhere or are doing any other jobs on Odesk. Please state honestly what your free hours are as you will be expected to keep to that.


We are a 5 Star ODesk provider and we look for long term relationships and provide excellent feedback and references .

We look for great candidates who can help us shape our business providing not just development support but deep strategic partnerships to us and clients.

Apply now and don't delay. The world needs changing.

Skills: reporting, research, keyword-research, management

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