Client Management Process Software - Built in Java


Job Description

I'm looking to build an internal software for my real estate company that helps us track our business processes. We need a way to know which part of the process our employees and clients are in and the ability to assign, track and set timelines for each process.

We are a real estate company and need to be able to keep track of all of our clients. We have lists of processes that we go through with each client and various members are a part of the process. We need to ensure that during the process that the team members know what to do and when.

The software we're building will bring together all of our processes internally in a fashion that will be trackable.

Skills required:
- Must have build online software before (provide examples)
- Must be able to build in Java
- Needs to have mobile/responsive development skills

Here are the main functions of the project:
- Each "task" in our process is linked to a person, a client, a deadline, and notes.
- Notifications that show people activity, overdue projects, etc
- Email notification that informs members when it's their turn to do the task
- Task management lists per item
- Need the ability to upload files
- Need to be able to show visually the process
- Each team member and client will need to have their own profile and history

I'm trying to bring together Asana, Trello and Evernote in an internal software if you can't notice through the PDF I shared.

I've attached a few mockups so that you will see some of the specs of the project. Please message me with any questions you might have to properly bid the project.

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