Cloud Database/Google Spreadsheet Wizard

Closed - This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.
Hourly Job
Full Time
More than 6 months


Hi!  Thank you for applying for our job! :D

This has the potential to be a long term position.  However, to apply, you must complete the task below.

GOAL: Create a pivot table that automatically counts how many times each Web Framework is used.


1. Go here:
2. Make your own copy of the spreadsheet.  
3. In your copy, make a pivot table report sheet.
4.  The pivot table report sheet should be named "Number of Instances of Each Web Framework"
5.  The pivot table should contain all technologies from row 1 of the "Primary Master Source Table" that are defined as a "Web Framework" in row 2 of the "Primary Master Source Table".
6.  it should then display a count or tally of all the cells in each technology's column that contain "YES"
7. Allow to edit the spreadsheet.
8. Apply for this position by sending the link to the spreadsheet you made.

Please ask me questions if any of this is unclear.

Thanks! :D


Skills: data-conversion