Cmd line tool for large file upload

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

I need a command line tool for uploading large files to an HTTP based API. It should have the following features:

* Works on all major unix/linux/debian style systems
* Easy to install
* Upload feedback that can be configured as more or less verbose
* Graceful error handling
* Good help output

The process is fairly simple and it will go something like this:

./uploader myfile1.csv myfile2.csv myfile3.jpg
> checking for a stored API token.... NO
> requesting API username: []
> requesting API password: [password]
> acquiring API token..... DONE
> storing API token in dot file for future use... DONE
> receiving target upload URL for file: myfile1.csv... DONE
> uploading myfile1.csv [...... ]
> receiving target upload URL for file: myfile2.csv... DONE
> uploading myfile1.csv [...... ]
> receiving target upload URL for file: myfile3.jpg... ERROR - [Server Error Message]
> Upload complete: 2 files uploaded successfully, 1 error.

I have a documented API that supports token and HTTP Basic authentication. I am online most hours of the day and will be available for questions. As long as it does the needed tasks, you can use any existing libraries or programs (ex. cURL) as long as their use wouldn't prevent me from distributing the tool.

Skills: unix, linux, system-administration