Cold Emailing Support

Cold Emailing Support


Job Description

***Requirements for all applicants:
Solid English speaking skills. Preference to those who have worked in a call center Consistent access to high-speed internet and a modern computer
Experience using mail merge and

Cold Emailing support
1) I need to send out about 5,000 cold emails per week to potential clients and need someone to help me manage the work. I have a scraping tool that allows me to collect email addresses, but it requires some manual effort.
2) Use the email scraper tool to scrape emails from the website.
3) Clean the email lists so that the company names are familiar. For example, if the tool returns a result for a company called “Brian J. Bartola Landscaping and Property Mainetnance” you’d change the company name to “Bartola Landscaping”
4) Find names for the email addresses. The likeliest source is google, so you just google the email address and see if it is associated with a name anywhere on the net.
5) Combine all of the data and import it into
6) Run a weekly report of leads we’ve put into and email all of them using email marketing tools.
7) You must have experience using mail merge and I will ask for demonstrations of knowledge of mail merge tools and salesforce before moving to the interview stage

Skills: english, import,, marketing

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