Communications - Email Marketing Management, Interviewing, Blogging


Job Description

You must have basic knowledge or experience of the North American automotive industry, the automotive aftermarket industry, and the concept of internet based crowdfunding.

Here's a list of social media content relevant to our company: Automotive innovations, automotive inventions, automotive competitions (design, motorsports, technology), highschool and college automotive competitions, crowdfunding news, automotive projects being crowdfunded

You will be responsible for the following:
1) Establishing and maintaining a working relationship with the company's active clients
2) Coming up with, drafting, publishing creative content on the Company's Blog to promote the company's active clients (interviewing the clients may be required)
3) Researching to find, draft, and publish tips and tricks on the Company's Blog on how to run successful crowdfunding campaigns
4) Publishing a weekly email to mailing list referencing contents from above

- Additional tasks may be added as required.

Skills: marketing